socket contact

Receptacle with a standard tail


Group Number: 01917


Socket contact with solder tail press-in mount into an insulator with dia .057' (1.45 mm) hole

Accepts: 0.014in - 0.022in, (0.36mm - 0.56mm)

Technical Specs:

Electrical Specs:
Rated Current: 3.0 A
Contact Resistance: 20 mOhms

Dimensional Specs:
Tail Diameter: 0.024in, (0.62mm)
Tail Length: 0.126in, (3.2mm)
Contact Outer Diameter: 0.07in, (1.83mm)

Environmental Specs:
Clip Material: Beryllium copper BeCu2 (C17200)
Sleeve Material: Brass CuZn36Pb3 (C36000)

Mechanical Specs:
Insertion Force: 3.4 N
Extraction Force: 0.6 N
Life Cycle: 500 cycles

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1 Product

Product Number
Clip Plating: Gold 10µin over nickel
Sleeve Plating: 200µin SnPb over nickel
Mating Diameter Min:
0.014in, (0.36mm)

Mating Diameter Max:
0.022in, (0.56mm)

Rated Current(A): 3.0 A
Insertion Force: 3.4 N
Extraction Force: 0.6 N

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