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PRECI-DIP is a world leading company in the manufacture of high reliable contacts and connectors that are used in many different fields of the industry. We pack unequaled expertise into cutting-edge interconnect components. We combine advanced designs, top materials and incomparable Swiss precision engineering with a commitment for high output, flexibility and customer orientation. Customers benefit from our dedication to propose options and develop solutions in the following markets


PRECI-DIP has developed its expertise here during the past three decades, creating optimal solutions for aircraft, satellites, and advanced spacecraft.


PRECI DIP is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified since 2015 These certifications demonstrate our ability to provide cutting edge technology for the automotive and transportation industries


PRECI DIP is well established in consumer electronics we have developed numerous for smartphones e bikes cleaning devices and more

PRECI-DIP. We bring you the most innovative solutions.

A competitive edge, the ability to innovate, and high productivity are some of the core values that connect customer needs with PRECI-DIP’s custom design solutions. When it comes to custom design, there’s an additional value: Teamwork. Only an intelligent and sensible combination of talent and technology allows us to turn any customer idea and imagination into reality. This is a very special challenge and this is one of PRECI-DIPΓÇÖs main assets. An advantage that sets our custom design solutions apart from competitors all around the world.