Custom Solutions

Custom Design

Is Creativity Realized.

Our design teams have vast experience in material sciences, electrical engineering, process engineering, and machine building. We apply this know-how to many diverse applications and industries, utilizing an agile and sustainable approach. We use state-of-the-art tools for FEA, mold-flow analysis, and product performance simulation. These tools provide for rapid and reliable development, problem solving, validation, and ultimately, premier solution fulfilment

Heavy duty, compliant press- fit, ensuring a reliable connection with printed circuit boards. This contact offers a solder-less connection, providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive and capital-intensive conventional soldering processes.

Open-bottom, silver plated sockets, with clip, ensuring multi-contact points with contact pins. This socket is surface-mounted on an electronic board. Open-bottom contact technology is a flexible solution, used for its adaptability to any length of contact pin.

11-way hybrid spring loaded connector, mixing power and data. The spring pins in this connector use unique clip technology, allowing excellent current transmission up to 20Amps.

4-way, surface mounted spring loaded connector, assembled in our fully automated production system.

3-way spring loaded connector. This panel mounted connection ensures signal transmission, while also meeting sealing requirements with its integrated O-Ring. It provides our customers a reliable and tailored solution.

60-way connectors with floating mount, spring-loaded contacts. This connector uses PRECI-DIP's unique floating technology, providing a reliable board to board connection without a soldering connection.

Press-fit multi-pin connectors. The press-fit side of the contact is tin plated to ensure a solderless connection with the board; high reliability and durability is ensured via the improved shape of the elastic press-fit. Connection side is gold plated to meet cycling, vibration, and environmental requirements.

2-way socket connectors. High reliability and durability is ensured via our unique multi-contact point clip socket.

6-way spring loaded connector using PRECI-DIPΓ's patented Mutli-Finger Clip technology.

PRECI-DIP’s unique approach delivers outstanding customized creativity.

One of the most important aspects here is the integration of product design with process design. Only the unique knowledge that comes from being responsible for what a product does, and how it must be made, can deliver creative, cost-effective, and durable high-quality solutions, fully integrated.

Where excellence meets visionary thinking.

We listen closely, and provide a unique approach to developing your solutions. To exceed expectations we address the serious challenges and needs of our clients by integrating world-class processes, materials, and designs, to engineer solutions which provide unequaled performance, quality and durability.

At PRECI-DIP we deliver value.

Our cross-disciplinary teams work seamlessly throughout your project.

We are fully integrated: We build our own machines and tools, converting raw materials smoothly and efficiently, and each process step is well defined and executed. This drives cost-optimized solutions on time, every time. The value we deliver includes more than just precision components and systems. Based on mutual confidence and trust, through our team of global experts, and our collabo-rative approach, we build and deliver strong relationships.

PRECI-DIP. We bring you the most innovative solutions.

A competitive edge, the ability to innovate, and high productivity are some of the core values that connect customer needs with PRECI-DIP’s custom design solutions. When it comes to custom design, there’s an additional value: Teamwork. Only an intelligent and sensible combination of talent and technology allows us to turn any customer idea and imagination into reality. This is a very special challenge and this is one of PRECI-DIP’s main assets. An advantage that sets our custom design solutions apart from competitors all around the world.

Swiss World Connects: A slogan you can count on.

PRECI-DIP has manufacturing facilities in Delemont (Switzerland), Shanghai (China), and Savannah (USA). Our sales teams are dedicated to customizing your solutions, and providing the utmost in local support. We also support our customers through a world wide distribution network that includes over 250 representatives on 6 continents. Refer to our website for more details. As a global company we comply with internationally recognized certifications, including: ML-STD-790, ISO9001, Aviasecure Cert, IATF16949, ISO 14001, EN AS JIQS 9100, UL (E174442), Renewable Energy Certification and the Certificate Act-Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection, just to name a few.