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PRECI-DIP: Made in the USA.

At PRECI-DIP, The value we deliver includes more than just precision components and systems. Based on mutual confidence and trust, through our team of global experts, and our collaborative approach, we build and deliver strong relationships with our customers.

To build stronger relation ship with our american customer we open new facilities in USA Savannah (Georgia). This new plan allow us to propose new top quality products made in USA.

High Precision & Outstanding Swiss Quality.

The north-west of Switzerland has a rich tradition in precision technology. At PRECI-DIP we take that to the future. Everything under one roof: expertise and dedication connected to the know-how of developing outstanding Swiss quality.

We build on a unique approach to vertical integration: Mastering all key process steps in-house enables us to provide effective and creative interconnect solutions. Swiss World Connects high precision interconnect solutions and integrated understanding of customer needs.

The Incomparable Advantage

of PRECI-DIP’s Vertical Integration.

We design interconnect solutions all the way. Our engineering and development teams utilize state of the art design tools and equipment to deliver innovative solutions.

Our machines are built in house. And we manufacture all our own molds and tools within specialized facilities to complete the production process.

Our employees combine an in-depth understanding of materials and technology with a great passion for precision. It's no surprise that the renowned Swiss watch industry is found in the same region.

Contact screw machining, realizing up to 100 parts/min.

Never short of ideas, nor short of supply. PRECI-DIP operates 330 screw machines, producing 6-7 million parts per day.

Precision and engineering spirit comes first, including in secondary machining operations, providing complex contact geometries.

Where speed is multiplied by precision: In-house stamping process producing our multi-fingerclips at approximately 2500parts/min.

State-of-the-art cleaning machines a reutilized for impeccable quality.

25 fully programable injection molding machines produce high-temperature plastic connector housings to be assembled with connectors on premises.

Connected To Our End Of The World.

PRECI-DIP is represented by 555 dealers in 111 countries around the world. Contact us to dip into detailed information.

Swiss World Connects:

A slogan you can count on.

PRECI-DIP has manufacturing facilities in Delemont (Switzerland), Shanghai (China), and Savannah (USA). Our sales teams are dedicated to customizing your solutions, and providing the utmost in local support. We also support our customers through a world wide distribution network that includes over 250 representatives on 6 continents.

As a global company we comply with internationally recognized certifications, including: ML-STD-790, ISO9001, Aviasecure Cert, IATF16949, ISO 14001, EN AS JIQS 9100, UL (E174442), Renewable Energy Certification and the Certificate Act-Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection, just to name a few.