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Manufacturing interconnect components for the aeronautics field requires a deep understanding of applications and specifications. PRECI-DIP has developed its expertise here during the past three decades, creating optimal solutions for aircraft, satellites, and advanced spacecraft.


PRECI-DIP is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified since 2015. These certifications demonstrate our ability to provide cutting edge technology for the automotive and transportation industries. Our unique ability to build automatic assembly lines in-house allows us to efficiently utilize our resources and equipment to meet high volume production, and ensure top quality, for this demanding market.


PRECI-DIP is well established in consumer electronics; we have developed numerous products for many varied applications, including smartphones, e-bikes, cleaning devices, and more. In this fast-moving market, PRECI-DIP understands well that innovation and speed are key to satisfying the ever-changing needs of our customers.


PRECI-DIP is a major provider of standard and customized connectors for the challenging industrial market, where harsh environments and long service life are commonplace. To meet these challenges, we have developed many robust designs and reliable technologies, which have been proven over decades of use.


Medical device applications are unique; lives depend on their reliability and consistent performance. Over the years, PRECI-DIP have developed new products and technologies to fulfill evolving requirements, including meeting high corrosion-resistance demands, providing non-magnetic contacts and housings, autoclavable products and systems, and high shock and vibration capabilities.


In addition to its line of Qualified Contacts (QPL), which meet or surpass MIL-AS39029, PRECI-DIP also has developed custom interconnect solutions for many applications, including military radios, backpack batteries, battlefield support equipment, and others, where top performance and high quality are always demanded.
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    PRECI-DIP A Safe place to work

    For decades, PRECI-DIP has been a leader in the elimination of dangerous substances from our processes, (such as Perchloroethylene) in order to ensure the safety of PRECI-DIP associates, and our environment.

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    A Sustainable Company

    PRECI-DIP invests significant resources toward reducing our carbon footprint, and providing for a sustainable future. Our solar panel arrays, installed at our R&D and manufacturing center, provide for more than 20% of our energy needs, and our water management system allows us to re-use more than 90 of the water needed in our processes.

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    Worldwide to be local

    With three factories and key customer management teams and reps around the world, PRECI-DIP is a global company. We can support customers and programs anywhere, anytime. And, with our broad distribution network, our solutions are always available to meet your needs.